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How To Accept Crypto on Your Wordpress Website with WooCommerce Payment Plugin

WooCommerce Payment plugins can connect to various payment service providers, allowing merchants to accept different payment methods. Accepting cryptocurrency payments is becoming increasingly popular in online businesses. This article will guide you on how to easily accept cryptocurrency payments on your WordPress website using the UniPayment WooCommerce payment plugin.

1. Integration guide

  • If you don't have a UniPayment account, register here.

  • Click here to obtain your UniPayment Client ID, Client Secret, Payment App ID.

2. Install the WooCommerce Plugin and Activate It

In the sidebar, click "Plugins," search for "WooCommerce,", click "Install now," and activate it.

3. Install the UniPayment Gateway for WooCommerce.

In the Dashboard menu, go to "Plugins" (1), enter "UniPayment" in the search bar (2) to display the UniPayment Gateway for WooCommerce. Then click "Install now" and activate it (3).

4. Configure the UniPayment Gateway for WooCommerce

In the Dashboard menu, click "Settings" (1), then click "Payments" (2), and click "Finish setup" (3).

This will take you to the plugin settings page. Enable the UniPayment module (1) and enter your Client ID, Client Secret, Payment App ID (2). Then, select "Live" (3) and click "Save changes" (4). With this, the plugin setup is complete.

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