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Invoice Payment Process
Invoice Payment Process
Written by Lejanie Ponte
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Note: Due to version changes, there might be slight differences in the screenshots in this article, but the steps on how to do it have not changed.

Step 1a: Customer receives an invoice by email

In the email when your customer clicks “Checkout”, they will be redirected to the invoice page.

Step 1b: Customer checks out on the website

When a customer checkouts on the website of an e-commerce platform, they will be redirected to the invoice page directly.

Step 2: Enter the email address of your customer

Check the invoice amount and enter the email address you’d like to receive payment confirmation (1). Then click, “Next Step” (2).

Step 3: Select payment currency

Choose from the accepted payment currency, then click “Next”.

Step 4: Select payment network

Select the payment network, then click “Pay”.

Step 5: Get payment address and amount

Once your customer is on the Checkout Page, they can either scan the QR code of the invoice (1) or copy the address (2) to their wallet to send the payment for the amount (3) of the invoice.

Step 6: Make payment

Once your customer pays the invoice, the invoice page will be automatically updated.

Step 7: Payment Completed

After the number of transaction confirmations surpasses the designated threshold, the invoice status will automatically change to "Complete."

Upon completion of the payment, both you and your customer will receive a notification email containing the invoice details. To view the receipt and status of the invoice, simply click on "Review Invoice".

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