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How to Use TestCoin
How to Use TestCoin
Written by Vincent UniPayment
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First, we need to claim TestCoin (UTT).

When new users log in to UniPayment for the first time, there will be an automatic pop-up message informing you that you can claim test coins (UTT). If you do not wish to claim them, you may close the pop-up.

Token Contract Address: 0x4e2ee3fa51009883ecdd979acaf092dc9712dd8e
Token Symbol: UTT
Token Decimal: 18


  1. Test tokens (UTT) are based on the BNB Smart Chain network and can be claimed through UniPayment's integrated wallet or any personal wallet that supports this chain

  2. Test Tokens (UTT) cannot be used for swap transactions and are not suitable for testing the Currency Swap feature.

How to claim TestCoin (UTT)?

Step 1: Getting the Wallet Address for Test Coins (UTT)

If you wish to claim them to your personal wallet, using MetaMask as an example:

Step 1-1: Add BNB Smart Chain to Your MetaMask (If you've already added it, please proceed to step 1-2)

Click on the dropdown arrow to choose or add a new network (1).

Choose BNB Chain and click "Add" to add it to your network.

This popup will appear requesting your confirmation. Click "Approve”.

Another popup will appear, allowing you to switch your network to BNB Smart Chain. Click “Switch to BNB Chain”.

Step 1-2: Adding Test Tokens (UTT)

To add UTT, click “+Import tokens”.

In the popup page, enter the token contract address for the test token (UTT) (1) and click “Add custom token (2).

Token contract address: 0x4e2ee3fa51009883ecdd979acaf092dc9712dd8e

MetaMask will automatically fill in the Token symbol and Token decimal for you.

Token symbol: UTT

Token decimal: 18

On the next page, click "Import tokens."

With this, you've added BNB Smart Chain and UTT tokens to your MetaMask wallet.

Click the red box in the image below to copy your BNB Smart Chain address from your MetaMask wallet. You can use this address to deposit UTT to your Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Claim Test Coin (UTT)

Step 2-1: In the UniPayment Dashboard, click “Test Coin”.

Step 2-2: Fill in your contact details and the BNB Smart Chain wallet address for TestCoin, which you copied in the previous step (1). Confirm claiming of Test Coin (2).

After the request is processed, the TestCoin will be deposited into your wallet.

Now, let's take a look at How to Test with Test Coins (UTT) for testing purposes

How to Test with Test Coins (UTT)

Step 1

In the APP (1), you can configure the supported currencies when you go to APP Payment (2). To use Test Coins (UTT) for testing, please select UTT separately (3) and do not tick any other currencies.

Then click on "Save".

Step 2

Select "Invoice" (1), then click on "ADD" (2).

In the pop-up window, choose your APP (3) (if you have multiple APPs), select the desired fiat currency type (4) (usually USD), and then enter the customer's email address (5). Since this is a test, please enter your own email address to receive notification emails.

Then click "Confirm" (6).

Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Order ID, Title, and Description provide details about the invoice. You can fill them out as needed.

Step 3

Clicking "To details" in the popup will take you to the invoice details page. Clicking "View" will direct you to the payment page with a QR code.

You'll also receive a notification email in the email address you provided earlier. Click "Check out" and you'll be redirected to the same payment page with the QR code.

From there, click on the payment address to copy it.

Step 4

Make the payment

Important Note: In order to make a successful payment using UTT, you must have a small BNB balance in your personal wallet to cover the gas fee of the invoice payment.

Then, on your personal wallet, go to your BNB Chain network. Click “Send”.

In the popup window, add the payment address you copied in Step 3.

After adding the address, the Asset will automatically appear. Click on the dropdown arrow (1) and choose UTT (2).

Input the invoice Amount (1) and click "Next" (2) to complete the payment of the invoice.

Check all the details and click “Confirm”.

After some time, the payment will be processed. The invoice will also automatically update once payment has been detected.

Finally, in the "Payment" tab on the left navigation bar, click on "Invoice" (1). This will display all the orders you have created. The status of the order at the moment is shown as (2). You can also click on (3) to view the details of the order.

The entire process of using test coins (UTT) for testing is exactly the same as actual trading activities. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our online customer service.

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