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How To Accept Crypto on Your Website with osCommerce Payment Plugin

osCommerce payment plugins are extensions designed for the osCommerce platform, enabling websites to connect with various payment service providers. These plugins allow merchants to accept a multitude of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. By installing specific payment plugins, merchants can cater to their needs and customer preferences, adding new payment capabilities to their e-commerce sites.

UniPayment osCommerce Plugin Integration Guide

This document provides a guide for installing and configuring the UniPayment osCommerce plugin. By following this guide, you can integrate the UniPayment payment solution into your osCommerce site to accept cryptocurrency payments.


- If you do not have a UniPayment account yet, click here to register.

- Click here to obtain your UniPayment Client ID, Client Secret, and Payment App ID.

Installation Steps

1. Download the Plugin

Click here to download the UniPayment osCommerce plugin package.

2. Log into Your osCommerce Admin Panel and Install the Plugin

Log in to the osCommerce backend using your admin credentials.

3. Install the Plugin

  • Log into the osCommerce backend with your admin credentials.

  • Follow the osCommerce instructions to install the plugin.

  • Enable the UniPayment plugin, and ensure that the status is displayed in green (1).

Configure the Plugin

1. Set Payment Parameters

  • Under the “Payment” module, find the installed “UniPayment” plugin and click “Edit”.

  • Check the box for "Enable Custom Payment Module" and set it to "TRUE" (1).

  • Enter your “Client ID”, “Client Secret”, and “Payment App ID” (2).

2. Save Settings

After completing all the required information, click “Update“ to finish the configuration.


Before using it in a live environment, it is recommended to test the payment process in a sandbox or test environment.


If you encounter any issues during the integration process, contact UniPayment customer support for assistance.

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