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Overview of External Wallet Services
Overview of External Wallet Services
Written by Vincent UniPayment
Updated over a week ago

1. Introduction

In today's rapidly evolving digital payment landscape, UniPayment is committed to providing more efficient and convenient cryptocurrency payment solutions. Our external wallet service offers merchants a risk-free, fee-free, and speedy payment solution. It empowers users with the freedom to manage their assets directly, breaking free from the constraints of traditional financial institutions, and achieving true financial autonomy.

2. Core Advantages

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Our system continuously monitors the transaction activities of external wallet addresses, promptly notifying customers through preset parameters, and ensuring timeliness and accuracy in transactions.


  • Direct Control of Funds: Customers can pay directly to a merchant's external wallet. We do not interact with your funds, giving you complete control over your assets, and eliminating middleman risks.

  • Protection Against Unauthorized Access: UniPayment's API integration adheres to the principle of least privilege, requiring only read permissions for APIs. This means that even if a key is compromised, your funds are safeguarded against unauthorized transactions, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Ownership and Management of Private Keys: You have full control over your private keys, allowing you to manage or delete external wallets linked to UniPayment at any time.


  • Faster Processing Speed: Funds go directly into the user’s wallet, removing intermediary steps and significantly speeding up processing.

  • Zero Gas Fees: Traditional internal wallet payment processes often incur multiple Gas fees. Using external wallets, funds go directly into personal wallets, eliminating extra Gas costs.

3. Fee Structure

UniPayment offers a clear fee structure, with transaction rates ranging from 0.5% to 1%, free of monthly or setup fees. All transaction fees are paid using UniPayment tokens (UTC), simplifying the process and maximizing cost efficiency. Learn more about UTC.

4. User Support

We support a variety of external wallet types, including:

  • Exchange Wallets:

  • MPC Wallets:

    • Cobo MPC Wallet (Coming Soon)

    • Fireblocks MPC Wallet (Coming Soon)

  • Hardware Wallets:

    • Ledger (Coming Soon)

    • Trezor (Coming Soon)

  • Mobile Wallets:

    • Trust Wallet (Coming Soon)

    • MetaMask (Coming Soon)

We continuously collaborate with numerous renowned wallet service providers to broaden our service scope and offer robust compatibility and integration capabilities. Users can access support through our online help center and 24/7 customer service hotline, and stay informed by subscribing to our updates.

5. Getting Started

UniPayment's external wallet service not only offers significant advantages in terms of security, speed, and cost but also grants unprecedented freedom and control to users by empowering them to directly manage their assets. This represents an innovative leap between traditional and modern payment systems.

Ready to join the revolutionary UniPayment payment experience? Register now to start your journey!

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